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Not only has President Biden's cancellation of the border wall contracts cost American taxpayers millions of dollars and jeopardized our homeland security, but it has threatened the livelihoods of numerous small businesses.

Ranking Member @RepJohnKatko weighs in here👇

Walk for weeks and fly for hours.  News of the Omicron variant has made Title 42 more important than ever. The authority allows us to quickly expel certain undocumented migrants to their country of origin in the interest of public health.  Flights to Honduras have began last week


Synthetic opioids — primarily fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances — accounted for nearly two- thirds of the overdose deaths in America this past year.

It’s a 50% increase in a SINGLE year. 📈

Fentanyl is not a typical street drug. It’s a deadly poison.

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